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About Us

Our Goal is to ensure Texas has the Very Best PROTECTION With TROJAN INSURANCE

How Trojan Insurance started

Trojan Insurance was created because my husband owned an insurance agency that sold insurance from ONE carrier. He and I got our insurance licenses together and our plan was for both of us to sell insurance. The longer I was there, the more inner conflict I had trying to convince someone (and myself) that they needed to buy THAT insurance from me for THAT price, when deep down in my heart I knew that was probably not the best policy for that person. I just could not do it and knew there had to be other options.

So I worked part time with Jay and continued my job at Reagan High School as the school nurse, which I loved and did for almost 30 years.

I was finally able to get things rolling to create Trojan Insurance which represents a multitude of carriers to meet the needs of many different people at prices that are right for THEM.

Now THIS I can sell because I truly believe that it IS the best coverage for the best price for each individual person. If we don’t have just what you need, then I will tell you. I feel GREAT about that! I guess that’s the nurse in me coming out!

Here at Trojan Insurance we really do care and want to help protect you and your loved ones!

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